Video flickering on Ubuntu 8.10 with Ati Radeon HD 3200

Here’s quick explanation about the problem:
-I am using ubuntu 8.10
-My notebook used ATI Radeon HD 3200 as VGA card
-I’ve installed the ATI driver downloaded from the ATI website
-I’ve installed the compiz fusion and the 3D cube with other features runs quite well.
-I’ve installed the gstreamer codec. (but still I can’t hear any sound.)
-When I played any movie file, the pictures of the movie is flickering


This is the problem this post going to solve. And this is going to work with VLC player.

open the VLC player form Application>>Sound& Video>>VLC playe

Open the VLC Preferences from VLC menubar Tools>>Preferences

Set the Show Settings to All.

Click Video>>Output Modules>> Then Change the Video Output mode from default to   X11 Video Output.

Notes: Actually with  Visual Effect on the Apperance Preferences set to none you can play the movie without flickering pictures. However,the explanation above solve the problem without setting the Visual Effect to none.


5 thoughts on “Video flickering on Ubuntu 8.10 with Ati Radeon HD 3200

  1. I tried and also worked for me. Exact same HD3200 integrated chipset. Now flickering is gone but from time to time video is a bit jerky, yet much much better to watch than before. Thanks.

  2. well, I was expecting the next kernel will solve the problem. But recently i’ve found several thread discussing almost the same case like we have here.. but they have tried it with 9.04 and the same problem still occured. then I can’t easily find the information about CQ45 sound driver on the internet. I guess it has to be unique propietary driver wich has not been open or something..

  3. Great post! I was looking for this for a long time! Thank you a lot!
    I was always using mplayer, in there it still flickering when I run my videos but on VLC it just works!

  4. If you go to the ATI website and download the newest driver (9.6 -just released 2 weeks ago) this will solve your problem with playing the video in mplayer. It has to do with the Xv/Xvideo (which is why when you switch it to X11 it works, but not as well). The same thing can be done in mplayer by typing mplayer -vo X11 file.avi. I found I needed to reboot the computer completely before it would work though, but now that annoying horizontal tear is gone.

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