My dream

This is not about me talking about my dream to have my own happy family with finest job and coziest house and of course a nice eco-friendly car. But there.. I already told you. LOL.

This “my dream” is to remaster an Operating System optimized to fit an old computer or a low spec one. Well, it is diferrent, an old computer used to be the high spec computer at the time, but now we also found a brand new low spec computer built for unheavy tasks. This OS should cover lot of usual or daily tasks like browsing, office things, chatting, play musics and movies. YES, my dream is rather an easy one to be true, I have found lots of project wich has the same background as mine. Like PuppyLinux, DamnSmallLinux, and so on. But why did I still dreaming it instead of realizing it by using the Puppy and the Damn one? πŸ™‚ Because I have the dream! Haha.

So, I’ve tried the PuppyLinux and it was awesome. I haven’t tried this one, but look at this Puppy Linux 4.2 “Deep Tought” :

Puppy Linux 4.2 Screenshot

If I may say, without the sidebar stuff , I remembered the Windows 98 desktop when I look at puppy desktop. πŸ™‚

This puppy OS, is so wonderful even it only consume 100Mb of RAM and 256Mb if using OpenOffice. I’ve tried it on a PC with 256Mb of RAM and old single core AMD CPU, and it works really nice. How nice?Well I just compared it. When I used Windows XP on that PC, that just a hell of painful effort and waiting just to simply startup, start the browser then open Facebook, but when I use Puppy its just done in a few seconds and a few one clicks, lightly and happily!

I amazed even more, when I found out this BrowserLinux, a PuppyLinux distribution that specially made just for browsing (using firefox). And it only packaged in just 78 Mb! You can’t use this OS for video editing or playing fancy games. The name has explained the main use of this OS. Β This OS is soo fit for the use of public computer used for free browsing, or maybe for internet cafe! After I found this one, I getting more confidence about making my dream come true. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I never remaster any OS before. But I did do a simple magics like adding modules,changing boot splash image,or picking up default wallpaper in slax.

So, I assume I already have enough degree to realizing this πŸ™‚ (otherwise, I will never have the guts to try..) . For you guys who are capable and have lots of experience in this section, I hope you guys randomly-unlucky caught to this lame post and would help me! Next time I will come up with the base design of this “MyDream” OS! I would name it “kaNa kaThina”, a sanskrit language. “kaNa” means “small bit”, dan “kaThina” means “tough”. Yup, a bit small but tough. πŸ™‚


I’ve found something interesting over the internet, I was curious if there was a linux distro named after “dream”.. and it was there.. I think there will be lots of stuff I am able to play with this.. hehe.. Can’t wait till my “exam session” is over.. so I can start exploring in more “relax” condition :))…


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