Run your own script from Launcher (UBUNTU)

Ubuntu new brand logo

Look at that… pretty neat and unique isn’t it? 🙂 the more beautifull ubuntu will be, the more I love it.

Okay, so this post is the last part wich that started from this post. And if you never create any bash script, you can start from here.

So I have my own script that check wether I connected to the internet or not by do the ping to If the connectivity still unavailable I would hear some sound until it finally connected and then I would hear some other sound. You can check the script and how to create it from my previous post.

I assume you have your script already in /home/myubuntu/cheko/

now, go move your lazy cursor to your top panel bar. For you ubuntu noob or doesn’t understand wich top panel bar is.. here:

this is what I called top panel bar 🙂

FYI, I called this TOP panel bar, because I prefer that thing is stay at the TOP of my desktop. Yes, you can move this thing to each edge of your desktop.

Next, right click on the panel bar , and the choose Add to panel… then you should see a new Gnome-panel window pop out. Now, choose the Custom Application Launcher.

You are ready to put some command that we usually use at terminal, as you can see :

change your launcher icon!

remember to try the command first in terminal,just in case that is something wrong with it. the “&” you find in the end of the command means the programs would run in background.

And if you do not want any scary blinking cursor with black & and white texts appear if you run the script, then you should switch the type form Application in terminal to Application.

Click close to confirm.



There you go, your own script launcher. Click that icon and your script is running.

That’s all. 🙂


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