The Bandwidth Abuser

Do any of you are the loyal user of Internet Download Manager? Do you always set the allowed connection to (max) 16? Do you use that configuration when you use a shared internet connection? If you answer yes to all those question, than probably you should aware that you are actually a bandwidth abuser.

18 Mbps ???????

But there are things that make you are not the bandwidth abuser:

  • you own the connection and you yourself paid it but you kindly shared it with some of your friends.
  • you set that hell of maximum connections ONLY when you SURELY know that you are the only host that up on your network

    the cheap script

The thing is, some folks doesn’t care how IDM magically boost up their download speed. While these folks happily download all the stuff they found in the internet starting from songs then ringtones and finally nice porn samples, I have to wait my packet to be delivered but sometimes it just forgotten. So, I have to wait until they finish their stuff usually for 15 minutes before connected again. Ow, and I have tried to sniff them, that is how I know why I often loss my connectivity.

Although I paid the same bill with them, I can’t just tell them to stop downloading stuff while I’m trying to done my tasks eh..? What else you might think they can do with the internet besides DOWNLOADING STUFF? :p Then, all I can do is to wait until they finish their stuff.

It is not a good experience to press the reload button for 15 minutes repeatedly. Or, ping for several times until the computer knows that is exist. There are much things to do than banging your head waiting the connectivity come back home.

So I came with this idea. A bash script for checking my current connectivity. This script is basically done some easy tasks, like “ping” and “play”. The idea is,when I loss my connectivity, I run this script then it play some sounds to let me know that I still have no connectivity.But when I connected, it play other sounds like “ding!” or “Aha!” or “Who lives in the pineaple house under the sea..” and then stop the script.

#!/bin/bash -x
while [ $limiter -lt 10 ];do
chek=$(ping -c 1 | awk '/data/ {print $7}')
if [ "$chek" = "data." ]; then
play /home/your-pc/hack/snd/Alarm.wav
exit 0
play /home/your-pc/hack/snd/gitar.wav
let limiter+=1

Okay, so thats the scripts, just a few lines. But maybe you just need less than 7 line :).

I’m gonna make my own documentation for this simple script. If you interested please take a look 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Bandwidth Abuser

  1. Nice bash Script bang , i used this method to keep my connection alive under captive portal .But some times that fuc***ing portal not allow me to login , after sending user and password , I returned to the login page again .This problem can be solved with change my ip . I don’t know what the hell’s going on with that portal .Is it possible the portal detect my script as a brute-force activities ?

  2. Well, I got the AWK technique from you. So, thanks, bram! Haha..
    So the problem can be solved if you change your IP, I quite agree that the portal might see your request as a brute-force wich then blocked your IP. However, you are more experienced in this area than I am. Hahaha..
    Well if you already knew which captive portal software they use, I suggest that you see the captive portal software page and then find some information about brute-force activities or blocking behaviour. Or maybe you have done this before, well just share it. Haha.. 🙂

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